General Physics Unit 8 Waves:


Daily Agendas:

ZZ Physics Schedules unit 8 2014.ppt

ZZ Physics Schedules unit 8 2014.pdf

ZZ Physics Schedules unit 8 2014.htm


Guided Notes, Bill Nye, Waves packets, etc:

(All are available in both MSOffice format, or pdf)

Guided reading Notes for Waves.doc Guided reading Notes for Waves.pdf

Bill Nye Waves questions.doc Bill Nye Waves questions.pdf

Wave slides packet 1.ppt Wave slides packet 1.pdf

Wave slides packet 2.ppt Wave slides packet 2.pdf

Wave slides packet 3.ppt Wave slides packet 3.pdf

Wave slides packet 4.ppt Wave slides packet 4.pdf

Wave slides packet 5.ppt Wave slides packet 5.pdf

waves ch 14 book problems.doc



Earthquakes reading.pdf

Earthquakes objectives.pdf



Slinky minilab 2009.doc Slinky minilab 2009.pdf (This has the Interpretation Questions on page 3)

waves data.xls

Waves pics&template posted on website.doc



WAVES STUDY GUIDE 2014.doc (This is your study guide for this unit!)

Waves Study Guide Key.pdf ***KEY

Waves Guided Notes Key.pdf ***KEY

Waves CPU Sims Summary.docx (These are the review questions from the CPU simulations!)

Waves CPU Sim Summary Key.pdf ***KEY

Bill Nye Waves questions.doc (These are the questions from the Bill Nye video)

Bill Nye Waves Key.pdf ***KEY

Waves ch 14 book problems key.pdf ***KEY