General Physics – Unit 7 Work, Energy, Power:



ZZ Physics Schedules Unit 7 2013.ppt

ZZ Physics Schedules Unit 7 2013.htm


Lecture Notes:

Work, Energy, Power Lecture Notes.ppt

(or in Word format: Gen-Phys Work-Energy-Power Lecture Notes.doc)

Collisions notes 2007.doc



Guided Reading Notes 2011.doc

Gen-Phys Work, Energy Homework.doc

elastic & inelastic collisions asst gen.doc

W-E review packet.doc


HW Help & Hints:

Guided Notes answers to be posted: Guided Notes W&E key.doc

work-energy hints day 1.doc

work-energy hints day 2.doc

Work-Energy Concept HINTS 2007-08 (new book).doc

Concepts answers to be posted: Work-Energy Concept answers 2007-08 (new book).doc



W-E lab handout 2007.docinstructions on what to do in class to collect data on the lab day

W-E data tables 2008.doc – the blank paper you used in class on lab day to write down your data

W-E excel template 2008.xls – the excel template that you need to type your data into, and do your calculations

Recall, we had one person type the data into Excel as it was being collected, and then had them email it to all lab partner’s home email addresses.

Work-Energy write-up notes to send home.doc – this is the one that tells you how to write your introduction, etc!



Answer to Work-Energy Practice test: Answers to W-E Practice test.doc

Study Guide unit 7 Wrk,Energy,Power 11.doc