General Physics – Unit 12b REVIEW:



ZZ Physics Schedules unit 12b 2012.ppt

ZZ Physics Schedules unit 12b 2012.htm


Lecture Notes:

U-Grav lecture Notes.ppt


Universal Gravitation Assts:

Read pp171 thru & calc planets.doc (asst 1)

chapter 8 probs ANSWERS 08 - constants given.doc (asst 2)


Standard 3 (Chem stuff):

Standard 3 worksheet 11.doc

Thermo MC questions.doc – these are the MC questions on the back of the Standard 3 worksheet

Standard 3 (chem) answers.pdf – all the answers to the worksheet are in this ppt!

Standard 3 Released Questions.doc – many of the MC questions are answered in here!



Here is the template for you to use: Standards ppt 2008 new book - WHOLE YEAR.ppt

ALL students are working on this in class. Jr’s are working by themselves, and so will also be working on it for HW.

Sr’s will be working with a partner, because they only have class time to work on it. (HW for sr’s is to write final questions; see below…)



Write your own Final 2012.doc – here are the instructions for sr’s to write their own final!

MC template sem2 final.doc – this is the Word template you must use to write your questions, to get HW credit.


(1) USE THE TEMPLATE above. Only files in this format will get HW credit. If there are only 5 questions due, delete questions 6-10 from the template.

(2) ONE document per chapter only. That means that on most nights you will be emailing me THREE SEPARATE attachments – but you can put all 3 in the same email!

(3) Do NOT put your name on the digital copy of the file.

(4) The filenames of the documents must be EXACTLY what I have specified in the instructions. They all start with 4 letters indicating the chapter, and then are followed by 3 letters that are your initials. If this is not done, you will not get HW credit.

(5) You ALSO get HW credit for printing them out each day. (XC for saving the environment and using recycled paper!)

(6) Before you hand in your print-outs in class, pencil in your name on the top of the file so I can give credit for that.


You may only write a couple of true-false questions. You may not make all the other answers ridiculous.

For limitations on the questions, please read the instructions sheet “Write your own final” above!